Drawing with Light

PHOTOGRAPHY ....'drawing with light'

Photography is about...
Changing a 3D world into 2D but making it look still like a 3D world - that's the job of the artist.
An image should convey a 'feeling'.... a mood, style, a story. Perhaps make you 'think'.
Barriers to achieving are ourselves and at times our equipment... how we master this creates a more compelling image.
Photography is about selective reduction - adding attractive features and removing distractive detail.
The following features help an image if included.
Depth to image....
light areas move forward, dark recede
warm colours move forward, cool recede
focus move forward, blur recedes
saturated colours move forward, desaturated recede

Position of lighting gives texture, can also create depth
After your initial shot to capture record and check exposure, explore your subject, isolate your subject.
What draws your attention, include it and highlight it - what doesn't, exclude or remove - preferably at the time of capture.

SHAPES aid in making image more appealing. Circle, triangle shapes are attractive components.
Horizontal lines: portray stability, static
Vertical lines: formal, strength, power
Diagonal lines: movement, dynamic, activity
Curved lines: slow, wander

Provided by Ian Robertson