The Landscape Gardener - how to GROW your portfolio of images

THE LANDSCAPE GARDENER – how to grow your portfolio of stunning landscape images!

10 tips to better landscape images..... here’s a quick rundown of what to do.

1. Pause and think when you arrive at a location. Consider what parts of the view engage your senses more and then try to enhance this view.
2. Look for a different angle...from higher up, lower down or move to the side. It can change to perspective and also help to remove unwanted items in the scene.
3. Take an initial shot on arrival and check exposure so that when you do need to capture something you know you have the correct settings for maximum exposure.
4. Think of the composition... use the Rule of Thirds, leading lines, side-lighting or backlighting to enhance features.
5. Run your eyes around the edges of the viewfinder to see that there are no unwanted objects or also any unwanted/uninteresting empty space.
6. Get closer to your subject rather than use the telephoto part of the lens. When you think you are close enough... get closer!
7. Try to photograph in the early morning or later afternoon for the ‘magic hour’ of warm lighting and low light angle, adding texture. Try to avoid the harsh midday sun though this is often good for canyons and gorges.
8. When taking a sunset, look behind you as often there is a great image waiting there!
9. Put the horizon somewhere, but generally not in the middle of the picture. Place it to the top or bottom of your image depending whether more of the sky or land needs to be seen.
10. Use a tripod, cable or remote shutter release, mirror lock-up, exposure or all of these to reduce camera shake as often you may be using smaller apertures in low light with slower shutter speeds.

Follow these guides and you will be taking better pictures, more often!

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